Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honda Jade 250 cc for Sale – Unregister -275,000/=

Honda Jade 250 cc for Sale – Unregister

Very very good conditions from Japan.
Not use in Sri Lanka

275,000/= (with registration fee)
Price negotiable

This bike is with very good condition. It is like new one.

Location – Kurunegala

Please contact 0716632767
Pictures are not actual of the Bick

Please contact 0716632767

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mitsubishi Pajero accessories - wraparound bar

Double Cab Pickup Accessories - 
Contact for information - 071 66 32 767
Mitsubishi Pajero accessories - wraparound bar

15,000/= LKR upward

15,000/= LKR upward with fog lamp

Covers and protects headlights (aka – Bullbar/wraparound bar).

This stainless steel grill guard comes in 4 pieces. It will fit a Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun- LWB/SWB Year 1998+. Despite its complex appearance - It IS easy to assemble – We are two blonde sisters-if we can manage it, rest assured, you will have no problems!!

It comes with a full series of fixing brackets, it’s simply a case of finding someone to hold it in place while you bolt it on. These are extremely hard to come by, as the new Shogun has only recently been introduced to the market.

They currently feature “Montero” name-plates, we will send the “Pajero” plates at a later date

Friday, January 29, 2010

Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels -  Contact us on - 071 66 32 767

RS 4000/= upwards
Alloy Wheels are car, motorcycle and truck wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium metals or sometimes a mixture of both

Alloy wheels differ from normal steel wheels because of their lighter weight, which improves the steering and the speed of the car, however some alloy wheels are heavier than the equivalent size steel wheel.

Alloy wheels are also better heat conductors than steel wheels, improving heat dissipation from the brakes, which reduces the chance of brake failure in more demanding driving conditions.

Alloy wheels are prone to galvanic corrosion if appropriate preventive measures are not taken, which can in turn cause the tires to leak air. Also, alloy wheels are more difficult to repair than steel wheels when bent, but their higher price usually makes repairs cheaper than replacement and even severely damaged wheels can often be repaired to like new, though this depends on how badly the owner wishes to salvage the wheel and its intrinsic worth or availability.

Rims - Used from Japan

Rims  Used from Japan - Contact us on - 071 66 32 767


Rs : 3000 upward
Everyone is aware that above the powerful engine of a car, truck or SUVs you also require a good set of rims and tires for the best performance of a vehicle. Because of this valuable performance automobile companies pay a lot of attention to the tire and rims of a vehicle before delivering it.

So, we decided to make our own online shopping for wheels, rims, and tires for an easier journey to finding the right set with ease and comfort. We acknowledge all your high quality needs for rims from 16 inch rims, 18 inch rims, 20 inch rims, 22 inch rims, 24 inch rims, and 26 inch rims for obtaining the correct rim size in an expedite manner.

You can find any and all custom rims in all sizes for your vehicle of choice at affordable prices with financing available on all sets.

When choosing to purchase chrome rims for your vehicle you have to carefully evaluate your type of vehicle as the weight of the chrome rims should be appropriate with the weight of the vehicle. The difference in the weight ratio can be harmful for the vehicle?s performance.

So, a perfect match between chrome rims and the tires of the vehicle is very crucial and for that we have a team of experts in that department to provide you with support and information in making the right choice.

Our online store is there to provide you with an array of chrome rims for you to choose from to suit your vehicle. The selection of rims and tires found in our online store are highly flexible ranging from 16 inch rims 26 inch rims. The size of a car rim depends upon the size of the vehicle, compact vehicle will fit the 16 inch rims and bigger vehicles with a larger proportion of diameter will fit the 20 to 26 inch rims. When you want to shop online for rims and tires in great condition and all available sizes then you must shop at combination of a great set of rims and tires helps you car look and perform better. It can make your car go from average to stylish.